As I have mentioned, I have two ostomies.  One ileostomy and one mucous fistula.  Unfortunately, my mucous fistula is at the base of my surgery scar.  Because my surgery was an emergency, there was no nice neat little laparoscopy.  They sliced me open, vertically and took all the infection out.  But because I was so infected, he couldn’t just fold over the end neatly and staple it up like a nice neat little package.  He had to give me a mucous fistula.  It probably wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so far down.  It’s so low, low rise jeans are almost too high.  You can imagine what this does for clothes.

I’m a big girl.  I’ve also got PCOS, so gaining weight is easy for me, losing weight took not eating for two months and then emergency surgery to remove part of my intestines.  And even then, once released back into the world, I shot back up to 207 (and sitting steady there too, I might add).  So, I normally wear longer shirts.  I just feel more comfortable making sure I’m totally covered.  But even with my longer shirts, I still have a hard time hiding that mucous fistula bag.

About two months after being released into the wild, I found it hard to keep a good seal on my bags.  It was expected with the mucous fistula bag, but the ileostomy wasn’t staying on either.  Not to mention that little fistula bag playing peek-a-boo with the world (and at the time, the only bag I could get to stick was the transparent bags…you can imagine my embarrassment).  Thankfully, one of the a couple people to me took pity on me and my close friend had discovered Ostomy Secrets.

If you haven’t checked out https://www.ostomysecrets.com/ please do.  My wonderful friend sent me the link and told me to pick out some wraps.  Because of my situation, I couldn’t go with their smaller bands, I had to go with the wider option.  I haven’t regretted it at all.  I’ve been using them for nine months and I feel naked without them.  They have pretty lacy ones to make you feel sexy, they have nude to blend with your skin, black to go with your clothes, pink, if you’re into that color.  I find, when I wear mine low, so they peek out from under my shirt, it just looks like I’ve layered my shirts and it’s a tank top.  Thankfully, with today’s fashions for women, that is very “in”.

If you know of any other site that has wraps, feel free to leave it in the comments.  Ostomy secrets has more than just wraps, but I have found those to be the most amazing thing, for me.  Also, one of the added bonuses to the wraps is that they help the bags stay on.  They have built in pockets on the inside, so you tuck your bag into the inside of the wrap and even if the wrap starts to slide up, your bag still isn’t exposed.  It takes the weight off adhesive wafer and drastically reduces leaks.  If you do leak, it is likely to get the wrap first and protect your clothes.  And they wash very easily.

Just a little tmi about the leaks.  The other night, I had eaten corn.  Now anyone with an ostomy, who has eaten corn knows what this means.  However, for those who have no idea, I’ll fill you in.  Our body doesn’t actually break corn down.  This leads to two things; gas, and corn chunks in your poop.  Well, I missed corn on the cob so bad, I didn’t even think, when my mother and son were eating and I ate it.  That night, my bag got a bit firm with gas.  It actually got super full and sure enough, just like I was warned, it almost literally exploded out the side.  I woke up about 30 seconds before this happened.

Now, why must we touch something when we know it is gross???  I have no idea, but sure enough, I put my hand inside my wrap and discover exactly what I knew would be there.  Corny poop.  Now that the gas had found a way to escape, there was no way my wafer was sealing its self back up, no matter how hard it tried (and it did try, bless LOL).  It continued to “fart” out the side, carrying the wonderful smell and corn chunks.  I made it to the bathroom and managed to get myself cleaned up and my bag changed, after a shower.  My wrap, I set in the sink until I could get my body taken care of.

Upon inspection, I discovered my PJ’s and bed were completely fine.  Not a drop on them.  My wrap had to be turned inside out and rinsed, then one trip through the wash and you’d never know what happened the night before.

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Ostomy Secrets, go do it.  They are worth it.  I have six, most of them are black because they go well with my wardrobe, but I have found the nude one to be very convenient.  I will likely be getting a few more, when I start dating again.

So, if you have any stories of your own to share, please do.  I love to hear from others and their experiences.  Together we are strong!


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