Surgery thoughts

So, I have a new surgery planned.  On March 10th, I go in to have my mucous fistula “removed”.  Basically he’s going to fold over the end of my rectum, tie, sew, and staple the end of it and drop it down into my abdomen.  I’m both excited and worried.  Due to the nature of my situation, this won’t be a simple laparoscopy procedure.  I will be cut open again at the base of my mid-line scar.  He is a little worried there might not be enough skin to fully close.  Yay for biomesh right?

Everyone dreams of being someone’s first, right?  I think this situation is a little different though.  Turns out, my surgeon hasn’t done something quite like this before.  It’s a little unconventional.  My mucous fistula was a spur of the moment decision, because my rectum was literally falling apart as he was trying to close it up.  And he wanted me to lose weight so he could do a J-pouch.  Unfortunately, because of the constant pain, with the fistula, I can’t exercise, so I continue to hover at 205lbs.  I need to be at 140-150 before he feels comfortable with the J-pouch, due to there not being enough slack in the small intestine to reach my rectum.  With the fistula gone, I’ll be able to move more and do more, thus increasing activity and decreasing weight.

And now we come to my excitement.  I will finally be able to start losing weight and maybe one day get rid of my ileostomy bag too.  For now, I don’t mind it.  It’s been a good little stoma, to me.  It only occasionally irritates me, during bag changes.  Spontaneous activity is frustrating (and the reason I use a piece of folded over toilet paper over it when I change the bag).

Anyway, March 10th.  Excitement, fear, anticipation. I’m a bundle of emotions.  I will keep you updated.  I will likely post from the hospital, after the surgery, if I can figure out how to do it from my phone.


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