Home: Day 3

No, don’t bother looking for days 1 and 2. I’m lazy, I didn’t post about them. I am happy to say, my surgery went well. It went better than well, as far as I’m concerned. My surgeon says my stitches are held together with wishes and dreams (and skin glue), but the fact that I’m totally sewn up is amazing on it’s own. I was under the impression I would be left open (within reason) and my incision site would need to heal from the bottom up, the way the original surgery had to heal. However, it looks like there was enough skin and enough slack on my skin, to close me up. I am healing scar tissue to scar tissue, so it will take longer than normal for everything to heal, but I can live with that.

I still have my drain tube, which will be pulled on Friday. The output on it seems to stay steady (in that the amount isn’t increasing or decreasing), but it’s also staying clear and light pink (getting lighter each day). I’m supposed to be keeping an eye out for cloudy or yellow (indication there’s an infection). My incision line only has a couple band aides on it to protect my clothing. Again, keeping an eye out for yellow discharge, and making sure it doesn’t pop open.

I can’t lift anything, not even my cats. Which basically means my mother and my son are doing most things around the house. I take short walks to make sure I keep my energy and I drink lots of water. Everything seems to be going well. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be healed. Once I’m healed, I will be able to add some adventure posts to this blog. Now that is something I am definitely looking forward to. So please, whether you’re reading this on WordPress, or Facebook, or Twitter, please leave a comment with a request for where you’d like to see me go, when I’m healed (try to keep it to within 200 miles Salem, OR).


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